Treatment of coating process F-Lock

Repeatable, adhesive-free nylon-based loose stopper.

  • Nylon resin
  • Semi-permanent
    shelf life
  • Repeatable

The parts where a loose stopper is used are broadly divided into two parts: those requiring minimal maintenance and those requiring frequent maintenance.
In the former case, you can use LOCTITE® or precote®, but you may be required to use screws repeatedly in the latter case.
F-LOCK®, our original product, meets the requirements.
F-LOCK® is a loose stopper that uses no adhesive, where the nylon resin 12 with excellent elasticity, resilience, abrasion resistance, and oil resistance, is fused to the thread faces of screws, demonstrating high performance adjustment and anti-loosening functions.

F-LOCK® is a non-adhesive type non-reactive loose stopper using nylon 12.

M8 to M10


A loose stopper for M8 to M10


M6 to M7


A loose stopper for M6 to M7


M4 and M5


A loose stopper for M4 to M5


M2 and M3


A loose stopper for M2 to M3

Application Anti-loosening Anti-loosening Anti-loosening Anti-loosening
Grade PA300 PA303 PA305 PA308
Color Peach Blue Green Red
Recommended size M8 to M10 M6 to M7 M4 and M5 M2 and M3
Operating temperature range(℃) -50 to 140 -50 to 140 -50 to 140 -50 to 140
Shelf life *1 - - - -
Main coating composition Nylon Nylon Nylon Nylon
Solvent Water Water Water Water
Features - - - -
Material *2 - - - -
Zinc chromate *2 - - - -
Phosphoric acid film *2 - - - -

F-LOCK® has an anti-loosening effect without using an adhesive.

It uses the repulsive force of nylon to demonstrate an anti-loosening effect.

The difference between nylon type F-Lock and adhesive type screws to prevent loosening
The nylon-type F-LOCK® differs from the adhesive type loose stopper in the following ways:
  • It can be also used for the areas where adhesive cannot be used.
  • Because of a constant return torque, the anti-loosening effect continues as long as the adhesive applied area is fastened to the mated material even if the screw is loosened. This stopper is especially appropriate for vibration-prone parts.
  • Because F-LOCK® does not harden, it enables additional tightening and is excellent in maintainability.
  • It has a longer shelf life than adhesives and can be stored semi-permanently.

F-LOCK® is designed for repeated use.

It can be repeatedly used because it does not harden after the screw is fastened.

The difference between nylon type F-Lock and adhesive type screws to prevent loosening
F-LOCK® is not an adhesive and can be used repeatedly.
  • To remove the adhesive-bonded part, breakdown torque must be applied to remove the adhesive, causing the adhesive to lose its effect. F-LOCK® is not an adhesive, allowing the removal of parts while maintaining the anti-loosening effect.
  • Unlike adhesives, the part can be reused even after it is removed if the adhesive applied area maintains a good condition.

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