ECOAT® WH Treatment

Working scene of surface treatment Ecoat WH treatment

PLUS Series enhances corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and galvanic corrosion (contact corrosion between different metals) prevention performance.

  • Chromium-free
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Galvanic corrosion prevention

Mechanism of ECOAT® WH treatment

Mechanism of ECOAT WH treatment

ECOAT® WH has a two-layer structure of zinc special inorganic coating (coatings such as DACROTIZED® and GEOMET®) and special resin coating. In addition to the anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance of zinc special inorganic coating, it has improved chemical resistance to acids and alkalis, galvanic corrosion resistance, and anti-corrosion performance against construction scratches, making it an environmentally friendly and highly durable surface treatment.

Seven features of ECOAT® WH treatment


Provides surface treatment with excellent corrosion resistance.


Effective in preventing galvanic corrosion (contact corrosion between different metals).


Effective for measures against acid rain during outdoor use.


Provides surface treatment with excellent weather resistance.


Environmentally friendly (chromium-free, complying with RoHS)


Provides non-hydrogen brittle surface treatment.


Provides non-drainage surface treatment.

Major applications of ECOAT® WH treatment

  • Metal assemblies for wooden houses
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Outdoor machinery and equipment
  • General civil engineering (outdoor) structures
  • Outdoor structures in salt-damaged areas
Performance Test method/condition Results
Corrosion resistance Salt spray test (JIS Z 2371) No rust for 3000 hours
Weather resistance Accelerated weathering test (JIS D 0205) No rust for 2000 hours
Acid resistance Kesternich test (DIN 50018-KFWO.2S) No rust for 25 cycles
Galvanic corrosion (assembled with ECOAT® WH treated aluminum in stainless steel material) (1) Outdoor exposure test Effective *1
(2) Cycle corrosion test (JIS K 5600) Effective *1
(corrosion resistance test after partially embedded in concrete)
Continuous condensation method (JIS K 5600-7-2) Effective *1

Test samples: 25 g/m2 of a zinc special inorganic coating, 7 g/m2 of a special resin coating, and 14 micron of a pressure film *2
*1 Comparison test results with electroplating and colored chromate (JIS H 8610: Class 2, Level 2)
*2 Reference value calculated from coating weight, specific gravity, and surface area of the coating
・- The above results are an example of the measurement results at the laboratory of NOF Metal Coatings Co., Ltd., the licensor, and do not guarantee performance.

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