PLUS Series

Working view of the surface treatment PLUS Series

PLUS Series gives new properties to anti-corrosion surface treatment.

  • Chromium-free
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Stable friction

Mechanism of PLUS Series

Mechanism of PLUS Series

Adding new features to GEOMET® treatment to improve various types of performance.

PLUS treatment can be further improved by applying coating on the GEOMET® treated coating.

Five features of PLUS Series


Stabilizes the friction coefficient.

Applying coating on the GEOMET® treated coating stabilizes the friction coefficient.


Improves corrosion resistance.

Applying coating on the GEOMET® treated coating improves corrosion resistance and chemical resistance.


Also used for black appearance.

We can meet your request for black appearance.


Improves the prevention of galvanic corrosion
(contact corrosion with different metals).

Effective in preventing galvanic corrosion (contact corrosion with different metals) after the GEOMET® treatment is applied.


Water-based chromium-free topcoat
treatment prevents pollution.

PLUS Series treatment is a simple processing method using a treatment liquid that does not cause pollution.

PLUS Series Lineup

Product Color Availability of friction coefficient adjustment PLUS Series applied items PLUS Series applied parts
Clear Clear Not available Automobiles Presses
JL Black Black Not available Automobiles Fasteners
JL Blue Blue Available Automobiles Fasteners
XL Red red Available Automobiles Fasteners
KL Clear Clear Available Automobiles Fasteners
L Green Green Available Automobiles Fasteners
MS Green Green Available Automobiles Fasteners
♯10 Clear Not available Automobiles Hose clips
50W Clear Available Civil engineering and construction Bolts

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(friction coefficient adjusted items) brochure.

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