Non-oxidation Quenching and Tempering (Thermal Refining)

Non-oxidation quenching and tempering process

Enabling thermal refining mainly for automotive and construction materials.

Non-oxidation quenching and tempering (thermal refining) is
performed mainly for bolts used in automotive and construction materials.

Thermal Refining of Steel Bolts

Thermal Refining of Steel Bolts

This process adjusts hardness and toughness for the purpose of improving mechanical properties.

Non-oxidation quenching and tempering, also known as thermal refining, is a thermal treatment that adjusts hardness and toughness while obtaining the specified strength by performing tempering at a relatively high temperature after quenching. Carburizing is a thermal treatment suitable for tapping screws and drill screws, whereas tempering is mainly for automotive and construction bolts.

  • ・ This processing is mainly suitable for automotive and construction bolts and parts.
  • ・ A prescribed strength, hardness, and toughness can be obtained.
  • ・ Highly controlled atmospheric gas prevents surface oxidation and significant decarburization.
Continuous gas quenching and tempering furnace capable of tempering high-strength bolts for automobiles

Our continuous furnace is capable of performing thermal refining of high-strength automotive bolts.

For a continuous gas quenching and tempering furnace for thermal refining, we use a product manufactured by Toyo-Ro Industries Co., Ltd.

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We achieve high-quality thermal processing at any of our plants under the highest quality control system. Please feel free to contact us.

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Shimizu Plant

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Sugito Plant

Toyota Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Corporation, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Mazda Corporation, and others

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